Alert Iowa - Administrator Training   

Attendees will receive an overview of the Rave system and its capabilities. This is an all-day training, but it will be split into two sections. The AM section is open and beneficial for all admins who have the ability to send messages. To include reviewing the features and functions of the system; including how to send an alert, list creation and list types, prepare tab, and resident portal. The PM section is geared towards domain admins and high level admins who have system oversight permissions. The AM and PM portion of the class will focus on CAP weather alert tie-in, overall system oversight, and smart loader.

Prerequisites: You must be an administrator of your Alert Iowa account to attend this training.

Target Audience: This class is recommended for new system administrators, or those admins who want a refresher.

Seats Remaining: 23

Begin Date: 7/7/2022

End Date: 7/7/2022

Time: 9:30 AM--3:30 PM

Joint Forces Headquarters State EOC 6100 NW 78th Ave
Iowa - 50131

Additional Information:

1) This will be hands-on training. 2) Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops. 3) Travel and meals are on your own. Please follow the current CDC guidelines, and if you feel ill, have a temperature, or have a sore throat, stay home.