AWR 326 Tornado Awareness   

Tornadoes can strike anywhere in the United States with little or no warning and are capable of causing significant loss of life and billions of dollars in damages. It is important that every community be prepared by understanding tornadoes and the associated dangers. This awareness level course helps participants to better understand the basics of tornado science, the weather forecasting process, and the tornado warning process. Participants will also be better able to implement safety measures for themselves, their families and their organizations in preparation for tornado season. The goal of this course is to provide participants with the basics of tornado science, forecasting, warning, and preparedness. Course Modules include: Science of Tornadoes, Weather Forecast Process, Tornado Warning Process, Tornado Safety

Prerequisites: None

Target Audience: Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Law Enforcement Fire Services (FS), Citizen/Community Volunteer, General Public, Governmental Administrative (GA), Private Sector/Corporate Security and Safety, Public Utilities Public Works, Other

Seats are filled.

Begin Date: 3/17/2021

End Date: 3/18/2021

Time: 1:00 PM--5:00 PM

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Iowa - 50131

Additional Information:

**Secondary registration will be required to complete necessary items: 1) Participants will need to complete both pre/post tests online through the NDPTC website. 2) Zoom link will be sent to everyone registered with NDPTC 2-days before the delivery date. 2a) Contact your IT staff for assistance/access to Zoom. 2b) A digital, fillable handout of the PowerPoint slides, and the entire student manual will be sent to students.