G 191 Emergency Operations Center/Incident Command System Interface   

This 1-day, Advanced Professional Series course will allow participants to develop an effective interface between Emergency Operations Center (EOC) by applying Incident Command System (ICS) principles. This course works best when delivered to ICS and EOC personnel from the same community. The course reviews ICS and EOC responsibilities and functions and depends heavily on exercises and group discussions to formulate the interface.

Prerequisites: IS 100, 700, 800, 200 or 2200

Target Audience: Participants should be teams made up of a community’s ICS and EOC personnel.

Seats Remaining: 27

Begin Date: 9/14/2022

End Date: 9/14/2022

Time: 8:00 AM--5:00 PM

Washington County Emergency Communications Center 2183 Lexington Blvd
Iowa - 52353

Additional Information:

1) Please park at the East end of the lot or in the neighboring lot to the NW at Washington County's Orchard Hill Complex. 2) Travel and meals are on your own. Please follow the current CDC guidelines, and if you feel ill, have a temperature, or have a sore throat, stay home.